Venerdi Organic Sourdoughs

Venerdi Organic Sourdoughs, the original Venerdi range from when Venerdi first started up in 2002. Developed using the best quality ingredients and traditional fermentation processes to create loaves that are full of organic goodness.

Our sourdough is bought to life during the cultivating process. The good guys (aka, lactic acid) produce enzymes that digests the phytic acid, unlocking the proteins and giving our dough its incredible flavour and texture that you all know and love! Our sourdough has two pure strains of Lactobacillus (Paraplantarum and Fermentarum) and one type of yeast that look after the fermentation process. And even though these bacteria’s die during the baking process, they can still have a positive effect on our gut health and general wellbeing. These are our ultimate sourdoughs that have stood the test of time.

Being the bread nerds we are we made a video time-lapse of an actual Venerdi Organic Sourdough fermenting, showing you just how packed full of life these doughs are!

Venerdi Organic Crafted Seed & Sour

Developed using traditional sourdough fermentation methods combined with the aromatic and earthy addition of caraway seeds, this bread has the most beautifully rich flavour that’s unlike any other. Packed full of activated seeds and sourdough, this well-balanced loaf has more protein than carbs.

Designed as an unsliced loaf, harking back to the days of old time goodness in bread making and giving you the freedom to enjoy it however you wish.

Ingredients and Nutritional Information

Organic Crfated Seed & Sour Pack Shot